Feb 5th, NMF!

One of the highlights this week is the best song of the year so far. It’s a packed week, but the one diamond… *chefs kiss* Get into it.


Quietly pushing their 80s-Arcade sound to the max, The Midnight take their biggest leap yet. A trance-inducing banger of absolutely epic proportions. Basically every other 80s inspired production can take a bow and leave now this has arrived because it’s peaked. I’m basically frothing at the mouth imagining the wave of pop stars that could take this and run with it… Katy Perry belting over these absolutely frigid synths and wild guitar? Make it happen, Lord.


Amongst the wreckage of Larsson’s lost legacy comes one of her best songs yet, ‘Need Someone’. That recognisable blend of frothy piano, curvy bass and melodic chorus… it’s astounding that literally anything else from this stretched out era was released over this. Similar to ‘Ruin My Life’ it sounds exactly like you’d expect Zara Larsson to sound now and yet still doesn’t sound boring? It’s a gorgeous bubbly little cheesecake of wonder.


Any other week would have this as the runaway gold star amongst the highlights – the Weeknd synths and sultry chorus a perfect match for that subtle country sworl of a vocal. It’s always amazing when a song can chug along slowly and still hook as much as a 150bpm banger, and it’s the sea shanty-esque chorus which does most of the work. Simply brilliant.


Debut singles are always a difficult one. As much as first impressions count, it needs to be enough to hit the ground running. Mette hits the ground with a full damn sprint – the video and song both something deep established acts still don’t put out. The ground work has been put in for Mette, that much is clear, and the chorus almost threatens to shift into inspired-by-BANKS territory, but those intimately delivered verses that contrast with it brings it into its own little world. And the video! Lord, the video. A star.


Undoubtedly the warmest song of the entire week here, an extremely MUNA-esque drive through imposter syndrome. If you look a little deeper than the (gorgeous!) sonic palette, you’ll find razor sharp lyricism that contrasts deeply with the warmth at hand.

feelings turned to blisters
turned to callus on a broken thumb
debated getting stitches
but i do this for adrenaline

Just look at that verse. Look at it. It’s poetry.