November 6th, NMF!

Vukovi – SLO Lyrics | Genius Lyrics


Right from the word go, the artwork is pushing a GRIMES/Purity Ring/Birthday Massacre vibe… and it’s damn near close. A track that hits the ground running only to get faster, it’s an electro-rock treat that wouldn’t sound out of place on a PVRIS album – a refinement of the mosh-pit inducing anthems they’ve already mastered. In short; a joy of a song, and the easy highlight of the week.


‘Want Me’ is a breathtakingly sharp love song that wouldn’t sound out of place on the Skins soundtrack, nor on the Radio 1 A-List in 2020. South African artist Baby Queen feels like someone to have all the chips on right now – her infectious satirical approach to pop fresh and exciting at every turn – and ‘Want Me’ might be her best yet. Most impressively, the song manages a healthy 4 minutes whilst feeling like it speeds through it in two. Then it demands the repeat.

Mae Muller - dependent


Taken from her new 8-track EP, ‘dependent’ serves Lily Allen-Air-Balloon meets Julia Michaels deliciousness designed not to sledgehammer its way into your brain but to eke its tendrils in slowly. Sometimes light and breezy is exactly what we need, and light and breezy this is, with a chorus that’ll get stuck in your teeth like fudge.

Call Me


It’s been two years since Tove Styrke dropped her ping-pong-centric EP Sway and we’re still seeing the impact it had (or the wave it managed to tap so well). It’s hard to hear songs like this with their bouncy synths and tender vocals and not think of Styrke, considering she mastered it before all the others came close, but ‘Call Me’ is a worthy little addition to the books.

Misfit-Evie Irie-KKBOX


The story of the maligned misfit in pop music is… well, it’s overdone to say the least. Evie’s ‘Misfit’ manages to feel more like a self-analysis anthem rather than an Ava-Max ode to empowerment in the sign of self-oddness, and thus it actually ends up being a personal little bop. It also helps that it’s just a damn well produced song that builds and builds until the ‘Na Na Na Na’ hook comes in for the final slap.

A LOT of music this week, but we’ll close with the top five as usual. Make sure to check out our dedicated playlist for all the best weekly releases!