25th September, NMF!

Terror Jr - Would It Make You Feel Better? - Reviews - Album of The Year


A lovely return to form for our Terrible delight here, but with something more of a Brit-pop Charli XCX/Daft Punk influence. Well damn, it works, arguably more than anything they’ve dropped in a while. Part of me craves that truly explosive Daft Punk vocoder ending that it sort of suggests, but the swift cut away just kind of forces you to hit replay, doesn’t it?

Baby Queen Announces Debut EP + Shares “Pretty Girl Lie”


Just a really good, really strong pop song here. Sky Ferreira filtered through Sigrid, it has those MUNA-lite reverb soaked riffs and a relentless beat that is just impossible to resist. This is the exact kind of song you save for a meteoric debut, except it’s Baby Queen’s fourth now, but it kind of sounds like the perfect Baby Queen debut so we’re pretending it is.


What you might not know is that Danish popstar Jada dropped one of 2019’s best albums last year, called I Cry A Lot, which brought together understated dance with a gorgeous R&B/pop flair. It sounded truly fresh then, and Jada is just building on that perfectly. ‘On Me’ basks in 90’s pop glory, with great big stabs and a soaring girlband melody, and sets Jada as one to watch for a second year running. In fact, it’s hard not to imagine a certain Ms. Grande looking to this for her future sound.

Taska Black & Emily Vaughn – Easier Lyrics | Genius Lyrics


Admittedly I very almost skipped this during this weeks highlight search and I would have been way worse off for doing so. There’s quite a few clearly dance inspired songs out this week, which threatens to dilute the pool a little, but god there’s a really beautiful song inside of this. Not only does Emily Vaughn also have a fantastic voice, she’s perfectly suited to these organic piano led mid-tempo mixes. I have a feeling this is going to sneak it’s way up the Best of 2020 playlist as the year carries on.

Where Do We Go - Single by Sval | Spotify


Slower songs usually get a bad deal when it comes to highlights simply because they, by design, usually need a little more time to really hit, so when you find one that already kind of hits after just a few plays, you know you’re onto a good one. Sval has been quietly releasing some damn good tracks already, so I knew to pay attention, but if this monster of a chorus doesn’t force your eye, I don’t know what will. Beautifully harmonised vocals and a sledgehammer chorus, what more do you want?

That’s it for this weeks highlights, but as always it doesn’t end here. Make sure to check out the full playlist for ALL of this New Music Friday’s very best:

18th September, NMF!

Sam Smith – Diamonds Lyrics | Genius Lyrics


As though they could ascertain our fears that the label had demanded more MOR balladry despite the bangers we have heard so far, Smith returns with a catastrophic impact in the form of ‘Diamonds’ – a sickly smooth continuation of that classic Sam Smith formula meets the dancefloor. It’s as effortlessly brilliant as Dua Lipa’s recent output.

Ava Max Shows Promise on Debut Album 'Heaven & Hell': Review


Evil album artwork choice aside, Ava’s new album is out and it deserves at least one listen. You’ll find in it some pretty sweet and easy pop, which has its place in the world as much as anything else. ‘Born to the Night’ takes The Weeknd’s 80s formula and spins Ava’s lopsided wig all over it and, as regressive as it might be, it’s a blast.


Sofi Tukker’s name on any piece of work almost guarantees a keyboard-mashing-blessed-Madonna mix designed for a dark bedroom confined rave. ‘Emergency’ might be the only time you hear Simon Says incorporated into any song, let alone a dance song, but Sofi Tukker are so fucking good at this that it just… works.

Liverpool's future superstar Pixey unleashes her monster new single "Just  Move" | Best Fit


GOD it’s so exciting when new artists come out with something that sounds like they’ve been around for years. ‘Just Move’ has the charisma of a rippling sunset on a field full of sunflowers; the guitar licks, fluctuating melody, the drum beat… it’s all infectious. Hard to see how Pixey doesn’t make a huge surge out of this.

I don't wanna talk about me - Stereo Jane


A rare occurrence of remix improving the original song without actually doing much here. In fact, it only takes a few listens for your brain to be tricked into thinking this was always how the song sounded. I mean it’s essentially a bootleg remix, but that twangy electronic bass just takes this chorus somewhere much bigger.


11th September, NMF!


As shameless of me as it is, do you know I make music too? All created in my little bedroom, check it out if you’re a fan of breezy male-driven pop.


Sometimes songs just sound like the close of Summer, carrying with them the imagery of a thousand indie movies. Beabadoobee has mastered the art of emoting through sound, ‘Worth It’ being her freshest song yet. It just sounds like an open car ride through soft sunlight.


Some big pop names in the credits for this, which means it has to be good, and luckily for us it is. Bergan sort of operates in a different time-space to everyone else, where her music lives in some timeless-nostalgic flux, and there’s even more of that here. Instantly familiar but fresh enough to stay exciting, it’s more sugar sweet bliss from one of the most consistent artists out there right now.

MP3: Kiiara & DeathbyRony - Numb (feat. PVRIS) - K2Vibes


Kiiara is another consistent one, out there banging her drum to her own beat regardless of the circumstances. She’s always operated on this line between mainstream and underground production, flitting just enough into the former to break through, and there’s no doubt this sounds like her biggest push yet – notably because of the feature. It’s surprisingly understated though, almost in line with Ellie Goulding’s recent album’s darker moments.

FLETCHER's Anticipated EP 'The S(ex) Tapes' Drops Early | uDiscover


Fletcher is lining herself up as one to watch in the next few years, trust me. ‘Shh… Don’t Say It’ is basically a brilliant Selena Gomez song taken directly from Stars Dance. Delivered casually enough to earworm rather than strike, it’s that monster bassline which does the real first impression work, but it’s the melody and delivery that’ll keep it sticking.

David Guetta and Sia Join Forces on New Song 'Let's Love' - Our Culture


Admittedly this was a bit of a write off on first immediate listen, and it’s only with several more plays it’s unfolded to me. Part of that is probably because the chorus is the weakest part but the bridge is so good that it more than makes up for it. A complete different vibe for what you’d expect of this two but it’s those ‘This too shall PASS!’ moments that scream Sia through and through.

What were your highlights this week?

4th September, New Music Friday!

A little late on this one, but trust me this week is worth it. Let’s dig into those highlights:

Fickle Friends – What A Time Lyrics | Genius Lyrics


If you know anything about Fickle Friends, you know they have already mastered the vanilla-sugar-high-Paramore production with sickly sweet chorus and chants. If you’ve seen them live, you know that whatever they front comes alive on the stage. ‘What a Time’ might not suit our current times (what’s there to be excited about right now!?) but it is their biggest and best song yet. Pure anthemic joy that pushes the envelope just enough whilst keeping it Fickle.

TALKING TO ME [Explicit]


Luna is back with a vision. She knows the music she wants to make, she knows her sound – Sky Ferreira meets Pretty Reckless pulled through Carrie. She’s completely wiped her Spotify for these delectable pageant-gore image focused singles, which is a complete serve, and each one is bleeding out guitar riffs, atmosphere and attitude. Truly fantastic stuff here.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is LOVA-One-Day-Left.jpg


Speaking of best songs ever, LOVA also fires back with a breezy dedication to spending your last moments without regret. An obvious sentiment but who cares when the chorus is that damn good? Notably moving away from the plink-plonk production that once seemed to define upcoming Swedish pop, this strings and falsetto affair is far more Agnes than Styrke – and is all the better for it.

It's Only A Heartbreak by Dagny on Amazon Music - Amazon.co.uk


Queen of Consistency Dagny seems to have picked up the plink-plonks that LOVA left behind, luckily enough she’s got the songwriting chops for it to push through regardless. It’s hard to understand why Dagny hasn’t been picked up as songwriter extraordinaire by the greats yet when her touch for melodic hooks is this good. Heading towards a much calmer second half EP to the eventual album, we’re in for a treat from here on out.

Single Review: Foxes – Friends In The Corner | A Bit Of Pop Music


The girls really weren’t playing this week – each one said “I’m going to drop my best ever song” and meant it. ‘Friends…’ is Foxes’ best. It’s Foxes at her best; huge chanted chorus with piercing emotion, subtle chords and production, delicate vocal delivery. It’s both understated and defiant, owing to that enormous verse-chorus punch. Hard not to be bowled over by this one, truly, and if you haven’t by the second chorus you’ll be hit by that final bridge.

Find ALL of this weeks highlights in our dedicated playlist below:

August 28th, NMF!

DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Katy Perry – Smile


Frankly I can’t begin this without addressing the reviews Katy’s new album has been getting across the board. Each seem to have a problem with her mere existence and her insistence on releasing empowering music in a pandemic (something only she seems to deserve the criticism for). Screw the reviews, ignore them, because the album is a total triumph and possibly her best yet. ‘Cry About It Later’ brings masterful songwriters Sasha Sloan and Noonie Bao on board, and the result is a pulsing anthem to letting go of the pain for at least one night. With that sparkling pop-polish that we’ve come to know Katy for, it really is a triumph.


‘The Nineties’ soars in part because of its dedicated video-game identity and production, which is still relatively fresh with its Allie-X/Terror Jr style melody and slinky synthline, but it’s the earworm of a chorus that takes this up a notch. Some songs just don’t need to explode.

Disclosure: ENERGY - Music Streaming - Listen on Deezer


Kelis as a vocalist does not garner the praise she deserves, perhaps because of a career overshadowed at times by the fine gimmickry of ‘Milkshake’. Here she flits from smooth to raspy, a perfect fit for the more subdued production, and really Kelis was built for dance music. Helped too by Disclosure’s evolved touch – there’s an unexpected depth to this that takes you right back to the dirty dance floor.

Download MP3: Sasha Sloan — House with No Mirrors | by Simondominique |  Aug, 2020 | Medium


Not content with having one song on the list with her efforts involved, Sloan surprise dropped the next single from her debut album and it’s that exact kind of introspective and cut-throat mid-tempo we’ve gotten used to with her by now. Inspired by her eating disorder developments and her dysmorphia, it’s a delicate undertaking of how much of an impact our thoughts can have on us. It’s pretty damn easy to see why people are snapping Sloan songs up left and right recently.

Katy Perry - Resilient - 9jaballers.site


Yes, Perry deserves a second treatment here. ‘Teary Eyes’ is that exact frothy sequel to ‘Hummingbird Heartbeat’ and ‘Walking on Air’ we’ve been calling for. There really isn’t anything quite like it, and it’s hard not to swept up in its relentlessness, especially as that final chorus fires in. As above, there’s completely void criticism that Perry is trying to be overly happy in a dark time but if not now, when? Trust me, get those headphones on and let yourself float away to this sherbet-filled mega banger.

That’s it for our highlights, but remember that you can catch all the rest on our dedicated playlist below!

August 21st, NMF!

This week is huge. It is enormous. One of the best of the year, hands down. An eclectic mix of dance synth emotive bangery, get into the highlights!

GRANT släpper andra singeln 'Hell Yes, I'm Betting On You' från ...


Not only is this the best song of the week, it’s also one of the best of the year so far. Reminiscent of Katy B with that icy vocal on a subtle dance beat, its hard to fight the sheer amount of coolness coming out of this. It’s ‘About Work the Dancefloor’s edgier little sister, give it a stream NOW.

Agnes shares disco-inspired new single "Fingers Crossed" | Best Fit


For a while it seemed as though Agnes had deserted all of us, with no sign of her for years. Of course last year gave us her stratospheric return in the form of dance-bangers ‘Limelight’ and ‘I Trance’, but ‘Fingers Crossed’ is that string filled instant classic we feared she had walked away from. Quite honestly one of the best vocalists in the world right now and stil we get experimentation. Agnes is one of the greats.

Vera Blue, Lie To Me (Single) in High-Resolution Audio ...


‘Lie to Me’ doesn’t stray far from the Vera Blue sound established on her debut album ‘Perennial’, especially compared to the preceding singles ‘The Way That You Love Me’ and ‘Like I Remember You’, and its all the better for it. Now it does feel as though Blue found herself torn between two forms of artistry at one point, ‘Lie…’ treads a fine line between the commercial and more nuanced melodies. Glittering in all the right places with enough depth to sink into, this better be heading toward a sophomore.


Danny L Harle is a producer for the Gods, let’s get that clear. One day we’ll give PC Music the credit it deserves for championing the quirkiest and ‘cheapest’ pop music of our time. Because who gets to decide what’s cheap and what’s cool? ‘Dreaming’ takes those PC Music icy beats and collides with classic trance, the dreamlike vocal carrying us right into a frankly beastly breakdown.

DOWNLOAD EP: Troye Sivan – In A Dream (ZIP) | Mp3TopHits


The lockdown has seemingly given Troye the opportunity to showcase his artistry in all the best ways – no overt polish, no refined edges, just Troye. ‘IN A DREAM’ is a beautiful mix between his huge pop melodies and those softer moments of ‘Bloom’, even if it is a tad too similar to a certain Allie X song for her not to have a credit…

For some reason Spotify embed is being awful so we are featuring the beautiful artworks instead. That’s it for our main highlights but as always, there’s plenty more to find in our weekly playlist which can be found here:

22nd May, New Music Friday!

Hey, we’re back. Make sure you’re following the Spotify playlist which is always updated weekly so you don’t miss out the highlights! Quarantine life be damned, we’re getting a highlight post out this week because it’s a crazy one. Last week was dominated by ‘Daisies’ really, this one is… well it’s a little spread of excellence.


It was almost inevitably going to be the big highlight of the week, with two of pops biggest artists coming together in a celebration of letting go of your sorrows and dancing the tears away. Of course, the stakes were high, but this hybrid house-pop dance banger manages to pull it off by bringing in that wistful Ariana vocal with those beloved Born This Way melodies. The result is something that feels exciting and fresh for Gaga, and seeing as the album is out in A WEEK it couldn’t have come a moment too soon.


Another heavy hitter this week in Call Me Loop, albeit on a different height of popstars like Ariana and Gaga. What we have here though is a contender for the years best of list, a ‘Runaway With Me’ style frothy pop song that feels simultaneously lightweight and melodically packed. Loop’s songwriting skills continue to be painfully underrated, something we still hope ‘React’ will help to rectify, and that’s never more obvious here than the gorgeous middle-8, a lovely intimate moment that recalls the older songs of hers. It’s no secret that there’s a huge Call Me Loop stan here, so there’s bias, but this feels like the closest she has been to breaking through with a song since ‘Give ‘N’ Take’ and ‘Love the Lie’.


It’s been a weird few years for Ellie, hasn’t it? Admittedly we’ve afforded her more space than most, having opened up about the mental damage her last campaign did, but there’s been a real disconnect with her material since (most likely the labels behest). ‘Power’ is the first step to fixing that. Easily her best song in years but also, most importantly, alive with confidence and that typical Goulding heart that’s been strangely absent since ‘Figure 8’. The keen of hearing will notice the ‘Be the One’ interpolation, but the chorus is so fantastic that it really doesn’t matter after a few listens.


Alice Chater wasn’t built for indie success. In her videos, her production credits, her general appeal, it’s painfully obvious that Chater is one of the greats in waiting. Strangely that can sometimes hold one back, a cry against authenticity, and we’ve seen brief flits with apparent success yet no real fruition of it. ‘Two of Us’, with that in mind, feels like a real curtain-jerking moment of open vulnerability. Though not rocking the boat by any means, there’s something different about this release for her that feels so alive and exciting. Her delicate but gorgeous delivery takes this above and beyond, with a closer dedication to the melody and lyrical content than production, which is usually the case for Chater. It’s gorgeous, and hopefully the start of an album!


What a damn week for music. In fact, there’s a potentially damning similarity between the highlights this week. All are dreamlike, whispery synth pop (which is apparently to my taste so…). Dagny is, like Call Me Loop above, a master at this. ‘Paris’ is arguably her best song yet, a real slowdown of that sugar-sweet formula of hers. The result is a gorgeous, sultry slice of pop music that relishes in her typical blueprint while showing us the other side of Dagny. There’s an EP to this too, Strangers/Lovers, which is the best of the week. If you’re looking for perfectly polished pop, there’s your bag.

Remember to keep your eyes on (!) the dedicated New Music playlist, where the highlights always continue. Every week. For you. (Apparently there’s an embedding issue so there won’t be a pretty graphic, but here’s the link)

New Dua Friday: 31st January!

Well quite frankly

The budget.

The effort.

The star quality.

Whilst you should definitely check out the Elley Duhe single at the least, we won’t hold it against you if you can’t stop playing the bloody good new Dua Lipa song.

New Music Friday: 24th January!

Well, it’s one or the other this week; ballads or bops. Bangers or bores. A distinct 70-bpm difference. At what point do we think the year starts to evolve its own taste? Does it take a world-shifting popstar like Eilish, or is it a more subtle move? Well, right now it’s a depressing January and if that’s anything to go by, 2020 will be a difficult one. With that in mind, let’s crash into the good ones;

Hey, check it out. Not a complete shadow of a band coming out of nowhere to drop a Calvin Harris song that’s better than the actual Calvin Harris song that dropped this week. COY‘s ‘Promises’ is an absolute riot. Nostalgic synths, thumping bass, siren-esque female vocals, check, check, check.

Emmi Elliott certainly isn’t going to win points for artwork. One look at that and I’m expecting Irish Folk akin to Una Healy, consider my surprise when a glittery banger comes through the speakers instead. It’s basically that huge anonymous Spotify generated pop song that we all know with a fabulous chorus.

Zara Larsson just needs to get into buying these kind of bops, doesn’t she? Well, Dua Lipa started with songs as huge as this and she’s now a world conquering popstar so there’s always time for Clara. ‘Thank Me Later’ is a trip back a few years to the simpler pop of ‘Last Dance’ and ‘Teenage Dream’, and there’s always room for that.

Every now and then an artist comes along with such an individual character and so much promise that it gets so frustrating to see it not translating to mainstream success. L Devine is one of those artists. Positively brimming with potential, she already has a strong as hell discography and the imagery down too. ‘Boring People’, like ‘Peachy Keen’ before it, appears to be trying to rectify that. Palatable without sacrificing her resolve, it’s how samples are supposed to work. Shine through them!

WELL. SHE’S HERE. Arguably one of the strongest vocalists of our generation, Hayley Williams has been in the public eye for a number of years as part of Paramore. Now she’s going alone, as many have wished for a long time, and it’s not too far from what we’ve come to expect of the band. Clearly influenced by Eilish, it’s surprisingly succinct and delicate, which makes her whole solo move MORE exciting because god damn, that voice can do wonders, which peaks through for just a moment with the fabulous “Nothing cuts like a Mother.”

More, more, more below. Check them out:

New Music Friday: 17th January

We’re back. The world is well rested and a whole new year of music is before us, with a few NMF’s under our belt, let me assure you that not much has been missed in the interim. If you don’t have time to check this blog out weekly, make sure to follow the dedicated Spotify playlist for weekly arrangements (Seriously I wake up at like 5AM just to update it).


Gabrielle Aplin is back with the first properly good album of the year. Frankly her songwriting ability continues to astound me and anyone who can write a masterpiece like ‘Miss You’ deserves the world, but here we have proper good pop songs galore with off-kilter ‘Love Back’, the glimmering ‘Invisible’, the terrifyingly sad ‘Dear Happy’. It’s brilliant.

Luna Shadows has dropped the best Allie X song of the last few years. Fizzling production is the first thing you’ll notice, but its the chorus that’ll keep you there.

Rina Sawayama transcends time and space. Sometimes people are born to be popstars, you know? ‘Comme Des Garcons’ is a club-inspired bass-squirming letter to understatement. Following the brash ‘STFU!’, it’s just… keep me on my toes, Rina!

Halsey has a boring new album out that wasn’t always going to be boring but turned boring because she apparently wasn’t angry anymore. ‘Still Learning’ is really great so only continue this sentence if you’ve already listened to it once………………. Okay, so Ed Sheeran wrote this. He’s all over it, and it kind of ruins it, doesn’t it?

Ella Eyre can’t come to the phone right now, why? Because she’s DEAD.

Hayley Kiyoko rounds off her brilliant E.P/Project with the delightfully weird ‘she’. The verses are better than the chorus but they’re really good. So is the bridge.

Tove Lo‘s ‘Bikini Porn’ is the kind of song only she could release, and she’s recruited Finneas (of Billie Eilish family fame) to help. Unfortunately it’s not very good, but maybe it’s a huge grower? Admittedly ‘Disco Tits’ was exactly that.

Lauv is really good but trying to write about his new song is proving to be pre zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz