12th Feb, NMF!

Renowned super spreaders Lipa and Ora have struck upon the new week, supplying some damn good pop music to distract us from the times… and their times. But other than that, it’s another stacked week. Get into it.


If that Shania Twain-dragged-into-2021 production doesn’t grab you on first listen, that Marina and the Diamonds vocal sure should. A straight up banger that brings the quirk of 00’s British altpop in spades, even removed from it. Particular shout out for that reverb soaked bass swinging through the entire thing. Amazing.


This might sound like it’s been sat in the vault for ten years, but does that make it any less of a banger? Not at all. Part of the wonder of the new Rita EP is, as surprise drops usually embrace, this feeling that it doesn’t aspire to be an era-starting megahit. Ora’s music career is sparse to say the least, especially in comparison to her escapades, but ‘Big’ shows that she’s still here to play and… to be honest Britain is completely starved for this kind of pop star right now.


Arlissa should have secured placements on the NMF highlights for a whole year considering the strength of her best single, ‘Healing’. Unfortunately the material hasn’t quite lived up to that one but here we have something that brings back those huge sweeping vocals and gorgeous blend of bass and piano. Attached to an EP that doesn’t hold her best song for some reason, it’s all about the promise in this one. We see big things!


Perhaps one of the least streamed highlights on the entire list and one that might almost lose the casuals to the 20 second introduction, but just you wait until that inspired burst of synths comes through – the 80s will never get old.


Arguably better than the actual Lipa side servings dropped this week as her deluxe, Upsahl’s ‘STOP!’ feels like something Ms. Lipa might herself carry to the top of the charts – especially that plunky bassline – but where she swerves into huge Britpop territory, ‘STOP!’ instead takes its chorus into Kpop territory. It’s quite addictive.

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