April 5th, NMF!


“What if we burn out?”

Isle of You consistently deliver perfectly polished pop songs that recall both The Veronicas and classic Disney-pop. It’s a sound that is being given a new lease of life as much darker, minimal beats continue to dominate pop music. ‘Hold Tight’ is a dreamy three and a half minutes, with gorgeous ‘Pure Shores’-lite harmonies and one of the best closing minutes of the year. It’s easy enough to imagine clinging in the arms of your lover as those synths relentlessly whir.


“You say the craziest things before we touch.”

Katy Perry’s protege, Cyn, returns with bombastic rock-infused anthem to deep and unrelenting lust. Make sure you give this at least three plays, because it isn’t built to be understood on the first play. Off-kilter synths, heavy riffs and a delicate vocal beneath it all – it instantly reminds me of Rina Sawayama’s ‘Alterlife’, both being songs that revel in creating a whole other world in song form: every piece of production meticulously portraying her sexual feelings. It’s the sexiest song of 2019 so far.


“You don’t look at me the same way.”

jens helps to fill the huge Shawn Mendes sized hole of 2019 so far with the stunningly simply ‘Before You Let Me Down’, a fairly obvious guitar led white-boy love-meets-tragedy mid-tempo. Firstly, the crystal clear guitar and that crisp vocal is like fresh water after a long night of hooking. Secondly, it does that amazing key change equivalent of introducing a whole new melody/pre-chorus in the closing moments. With a tiny 2:24 time-span – it’s short, sticky and sweet.


“Nothing’s quite what we had in mind.”

The opening moments of the song might have you believe this is a Crystal Castles song, but it doesn’t take long for Savoir Adore to introduce their trademark warmth. ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright’ is positively encapsulating, the Chvrches-style production bubbling away as the vocals stretch and glide around the harshness.


“Do you want to undress me? Fuck me with your eyes?”

‘Keep On Coming’ revels in its sexual presentation, presenting the exciting and suspenseful introduction of a new friend in its starkest form. It delivers everything you need in a sex positive anthem; slow, pounding bass; coy and evocative lyricism; a deliberate vocal delivery. At times a little obvious, it almost sounds ready built to be sung along by crowds of people at tour venues across the world, but hearing a mass audience singing ‘Keep on coming…’ would be fairly revolutionary.


“They only want attention so I drown them out.”

At the age of sixteen, Loren has no right creating such fully formed and brilliant pop music like this yet. Admittedly the production carries most of the weight, her fairly atypical delivery giving it the opportunity to bite, but there are moments of wonder that really makes me excited for her future. Particularly the way that chorus crashes in with a thud – that’s the sign of a producer that understands the power of a great chorus. Also the best part of the song is the absolutely delicious “I drown them oooooout” coo. Gorgeous.

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