March 15th, NMF!


“You cut straight through the bone.”

So Below is a New Zealand born songstress that has been perfecting her blend of heavy production and dreamy harmonies for years, her sound reminiscent of BANKS filtered through several layers of painkillers. ‘Bone’ strikes from the very first second with a bass so thick it could shake apart foundations, but above it all is a piercing vocal that delicately haunts the upper rafters. If Indiana’s ‘Solo Dancing’ once became a cult hit, this should absolutely be the start of some serious success for Madeline and her effortless talent.


“I never go back on my promises.”

Christine & The Queens has helped deliver the hook driven and quirky styling of French pop music to the masses, and it would appear Hyphen Hyphen are lining up to be the next vehicle. With their typical bratty style, their consistently catchy hooks and perfect HAIM-on-steroids aesthetic, they’ve hooked up with underground chanteuse Kiiara, who herself delivered some of the best songs of the year just last year. A short and sweet three minutes, what at first may feel like an interlude soon turns into an inflection that just won’t leave your head.


“You know me, I know you.”

It’s 2AM. You’ve broken that promise you made to yourself, when you swore it would be a few drinks and an early night. Between sticky floors and blurred faces, you’ve drunk your body weight in shots and have found yourself alone on the seating area outside of the unisex bathroom. Head in your hands, the march of dirty feet and a filthy bass-line fills your senses. It’s ‘U Know Me’ by Cobrah, convincing you to have another drink and get your ass back on the dance floor, where everybody is waiting for you.


Don’t lie to me, don’t do what I have done”

Almost ten years since winning the Eurovision song contest with the quirky minimalistic ‘Satellite’, Lena has since evolved into an Ellie Goulding-esque popstar that isn’t afraid to tackle huge and simple pop music. Her previous single ‘Thank You’ was crafted by the easy-hit-making Jess Glynne, and one glance of the credits for ‘don’t lie to me’ reveals a hefty ten different songwriters. Much like Ellie’s approach to heightening her career with ‘Delirium’, it’s difficult to ever question an artists aspirations for bigger. ‘dont lie to me’ is without a doubt trying to position Lena as a worldwide-worthy pop star, but it works because of just how great her unique vocal and perspective can be. I for one can’t wait for the world to see more.


“Why the fuck did I even come here?”

Sometimes the narrative doesn’t have to be groundbreaking if the delivery itself brings a unique and interesting perspective. ‘See Thru It’ tackles societal paradigms, questioning why we put ourselves through situations we don’t enjoy for fickle reasons. Wrapped in a fairly conventional vocal, the production mimics that narrative twist, contorting into an odd and amazing chorus of blips, bass and reverb.


“You bitches is broker than glass crackin'”

I’m including this because the video, as expected, is absolutely incredible. Iggy Azalea will conjure all kinds of emotions, some rightfully so, but there’s always something refreshing about seeing an artist break away from a label and continue to put so much heart into their material. Despite the dwindling chart success, it’s hard to actually see where in time the label drop took place because… Iggy’s attention to detail and sheer passion in her product never did. And that at least ought to be commended.


Clara Mae‘s ‘Lost’ is a perfect guide to tackling depressing topics with a chirpy vocal.
Embody‘s ‘I Miss You’ is going to appeal to you if you love Jax Jones house music that they play at Ibiza pool parties.
Sval‘s ‘Ruin Your Party’ kind of comes and goes without much of an impact except for that gorgeous Sky Ferreira vocal.
Blow‘s ‘The Limits’ is a bloody fantastic introduction to an unconventional boyband, but one we actually deserve.
I Am Boleyn‘s ‘Limit of Love’ is almost guaranteed to whisk you off into a happy dream.
mags‘ ‘never really liked your friends’ proves Tove Styrke’s impact is STILL being felt. and also these Billie Eilish/Bulow types are just beginning.

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