February 22nd, NMF!


“I found some roses to show you, growing wild through the floor.”

Am I about to admit a soundtrack song for the Moomin’s is one of 2019’s very best so far? No other artist has soundtracked the evolution of pop music quite like MØ, and her incredible second album ‘Forever Neverland’ showcased her unrivalled approach to quirky yet responsive melodies. It’s SO hard not to get excited when an artist consistently switches up their entire production style, keeping it uniquely them while giving you something fresh.

‘Theme Song’ delivers like a smooth tonic, the chorus unravelling like a dream and giving way to an ethereal saxophone riff. As she chronicles in the lyrics, it perfects the feeling of wanderlust: that rare childhood feeling of wandering the streets and pointing out cracks in the pavement. It’s nostalgic and melancholic, a love story to memories gone. Not only is it an absolute wonder on its own, it’s a bloody soundtrack song!!! Imagine what else MØ has lying around. God.


“Walk me home in the dead of night, I can’t be alone with all that’s on my mind.”

The Hot AC queen returns far sooner than anyone expected, and as usual she has delivered us with an expertly polished lead single. Much as usual with rock music, P!nk has taken to refining her sound throughout the many years of her career instead of necessarily reinventing it. What it results in are these uplifting pop bangers that drop all pretence, knowing exactly what they are and who they’re made for.

Stepping on the path ‘Beautiful Trauma’ set out, ‘Walk Me Home’ takes P!nk further out into folk-pop territory. The Mumford and Imagine Dragons influences are instantly apparent, but it’s a soundscape that works well for what will inevitably be screamed out into arenas throughout the summer. Looking back over the twenty years since she first arrived on the scene, the sheer scale of her discography is miraculous. If ‘Walk Me Home’ is anything to go by, her upcoming album is going to be a gem within it.


“I still remember when you gave me life.”

The perfect week for every soundtrack lover out there, Ellie Goulding passes one of her biggest songs in recent memory to the ‘Fighting With My Family’ team. It’s surprising to see considering her real lead single, ‘Flux’, is out next week but this is the same artist that repackages each album, or delivers a 20 track masterpiece like Delirium.

‘Do You Remember’ picks up where Ellie left, sounding like a true sister to ‘Something In the Way You Move’. It’s easy to see why she’d pass it to a soundtrack, but that doesn’t make it any less of a sledgehammer. While not convincing any haters any time soon, it’s going to please any Goulding fan that is sat waiting for her new campaign to really start.


“I’m performing a warning.”

Sometimes comparisons are inevitable: ignoring the obvious influences is far too difficult upon first impression. An impression can either overpower a song, or work to its advantage. ‘Don’t Blink’ invokes Julia Michaels with its bubbly production and brilliant switch-up-chorus, and Blithe’s sensual vocal brings tinges of Selena Gomez and Diana Vickers – the collaboration of the two makes the song positively shine.

Absolutely bursting with character, any wandering thoughts you had at the start will be swept away by the brain-melting chorus by the end.


Bülow has quietly been establishing her own quiet and moody aesthetic, positioning herself in much the same realm as Billie Eilish, by dropping consistent Imogen Heap-meets-Grimes-does-trap tracks that showcase an artist with a very clear vision of their songwriting skill.

‘Sweet Little Lies’ is immediately recognisable and easy to swallow, with the chorus possessing one of the most obvious and delectable melodies of the year so far. The sonic shifts of Bülow would threaten to give any fan whiplash, but it’s just another string to her bow; never pulling back far enough to stretch, the same delicate songwriter approach comes piercing through before anything else.


“Spill me your mind and I’ll spill you the fruits.”

I’m going out on a limb here and ready to bet you won’t find a song with better production this year than this right here. It takes me far away to the darkest corners of the club, hidden whistles and ‘oohs’ creeping through the crowd of bodies. It’s hard for me to argue with any bassline like this, but the real special moment is how RAYE contorts the melody at her sudden arrival: the equivalent of spotting your crush on the other side of the dancefloor – your vision captivated.

She’s the supporting actress that steals the show, delivering a vocal so charismatic that you’re left desperately hitting that repeat button. Incredible.

Those are our top picks of the week, but the fun doesn’t stop there! There’s plenty more tunes on our dedicated Spotify playlist right here:

Make sure to drop your own discoveries!

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