January 18th, NMF!

Another week, another set of incredible new music to sift through in the search for gold. Luckily for us, for the third week in a row we’ve stumbled upon more than a handful of incredible songs THAT WE HAVE TO SHARE. Get into them!


“Don’t call me up, I’m going out tonight. Feeling good now you’re outta my life”

Mabel isn’t exactly fresh out of the box, if you haven’t heard her solo material yet (where have you been?) then you’ll have at least caught her on the brilliantly catchy ‘Ring Ring’. She might have a few hits in her belt already, but teetering on the fine line between relevancy and success, she has yet to have the real critical or commercial breakthrough that she deserves.

If the video and song combo are anything to go by, this really should be her moment. The video, and the song thematically, borrow from the bonkers and amazing ‘New Rules’… and both benefit from it in every way. It’s a ‘Ring Ring’ meets ‘New Rules’ amalgamation with vocoder backing vocals, stabbing piano chords, and a roof raising chorus. Long story short, it’s brilliantly good. With a potential Brit award for ‘Best Breakthrough’ too, 2019 is definitely lining up well for Mabel.



“I guess we’re done with talking. Hope you get this. With love x”

So you won’t know who MIO are – that’s part of their marketing campaign. If you know Terror Jr and iamamiwhoami, you’ll know what they’re going for. Typically these kind of campaigns are a little pretentious for me, and not having an artist to attach to is a little weird and difficult… but when the music is this good? Suddenly it makes sense to throw all your weight behind the music alone.

The EP is out and it’s a glorious 5 track affair that jumps between influences, but it’s the closing track ‘With Love’ that leaves the biggest imprint. A delicate soliloquy that just simmers with painful nostalgia, the chorus hits everywhere it needs to, and it leaves you seething by the end of its short three minutes. I’m not sure if their identity will be exposed, or if they’ll end up consuming it into their persona like Terror Jr, but if the music continues to be this emotionally vulnerable and interesting? Who cares!



“I’m in love, I’m alive. Oh, I’m burning.”

Maggie Rogers, like Mabel, is another artist poised for greatness in 2019. This phenomenally talented songwriter dropped one of the best songs of 2018, ‘Light On’, last year and even went on to perform it on SNL. Luckily for us, it appears the greatness of ‘Light On’ wasn’t a fluke.

The album is out and available now, but if you’re looking for that one sparkling track to convince you to spin it? ‘Burning’ is it. Unquestionably the standout of the album, it’s an instant killer hit single. Barely one minute in and there’s pulsing synths, a cooing hook, and sparky percussion rolling into one of the biggest choruses of the year so far. Basically it’s absolutely everything Sigrid has been trying to write for the past two years. Also a special shout-out to the inclusion of that twangy country guitar about 1:20 in. Such detail.



“You stole my heart, just like a thief. I guess you’ll always have a part of me.”

As of right now, the music video is unavailable but is being relentlessly teased on Alice’s Instagram. Giving me ‘Hourglass’ meets Evanescence vibes, I’m hoping we all survive long enough to see it.

If you would have asked me in 2018, I’d have told you Alice Chater is absolutely my one to watch of 2019. Trust me, the amount of times I’ve spun ‘Hourglass’ is ludicrous. ‘Thief’ is the first hint of her new music for the year, and is being teased alongside an upcoming debut album. Produced by Carl Falk and Rami Yacoub, who famously touched the masterpiece ‘One Last Time’, Alice continues to astound with perfectly polished pop.

But… yes, it comes with a but… ‘Thief’ wears its influence directly on its sleeve. It’s so similar to ‘One Last Time’ that I’m unsure whether it’s actually an official credit or an inspiration, and this is the third single now where Alice has used a major sample or interpolation to great effect. There’s a fantastic song here, with evocative and great lyricism, but it has to push through the ‘One Last Time’ similarities to reach you.

Alice’s untapped potential remains a slight frustration, if you’ve seen her live vocals and her performance skills, like in the ‘Hourglass’ video, you know there’s so much to be excited about. ‘Thief’ is hopefully the first part of the puzzle! And ‘Tonight’ can be next!



“Time is on my side, I know you’ll miss me in a week.”

London-based singer-songwriter Georgia Buchanan, AKA Call Me Loop, is at this point a pop veteran. With unrivalled pop sensibilities, her sound has remained consistent and refined to a razors edge: culminating in the masterpiece Rita-Ora-needed-this-hit that is ‘Give ‘n’ Take’. Now a new EP is on the horizon, with ‘Business’ and ‘Silly Boy’ featuring.

Ditching the rawness of ‘Business’, ‘Silly Boy’ dives right back into what she does best: classic pop. In fact, she’s so generous there’s two songs here… I kid, but that bridge into the chorus? Well Georgia, I have whiplash. The way that anthemic bridge swells and just evaporates into such a microscopic chorus is, for lack of better word, a revelation – and I’ve been singing ‘Silly, silly, silly, silly boy’ to myself all day. HELP!



“Everyone I meet I think is gonna die, but I’ll never know for sure.”

‘Everyone is a Bad Friend’ is the fourth and final single before the album Crush On Me drops February 15th, and manages to showcase Kelsie Hogue’s quirky and familiar songwriting better than ever. In such a short time, Babygirl has managed to do what many just can’t: created a portal into their own abstract world via quirky and down-to-earth social media humour and music that just exudes personality. A total testament to Babygirl’s great writing skill: everything we’ve heard so far sounds like the perfect accompaniment to indie films you watch while curled under the covers in your bedroom. In contrast to MIO, as above, you’ll find yourself falling in love with Sir Babygirl’s persona just as much as the music.

‘Everyone is a Bad Friend’ acts like a reprise of ‘Haunted House’, tackling similar themes with a tension that ramps up until you’re both singing your hearts out. Produced in a quaint bedroom studio, its the sharp corners that are the most exciting here – the production twists and tilts alongside stacked raw vocals, and it’s hard not to feel like you’re in the bedroom with Babygirl shouting down every lame friend you’ve ever had too. Seriously, toss your mind back to every childhood bully and regret – let yourself scream this out and come back to me. Also pre-order that album!

3.5/5 STARS

Make sure to let me know which songs you enjoyed the most, and I already know there’s plenty I missed or didn’t give enough time to. You can find me on Twitter (@Jordananan) and Instagram (@Jrdnax)!

You can find all our top selections AND MORE on the Eyes On 2019 Spotify playlist right here:

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