January 11th, NMF!

We’re two weeks into the new year, and already there’s a steady trickle of fantastic pop songs ready for us to get lost in. For the past week, we’ve been enamoured with Fleur East’s bombastic ‘Favourite Thing’ but it’s time for a whole new batch of NEW MUSIC FRIDAY SONGS:


“Welcome to my wonderland, if you wanna play you should understand I’ma do things that no-one can.”

A special treat for pop-heads this week as our current favourite songstress has, following a Halloween premiere and a free download to fans, dropped the sensational ‘Wonderland (My Name Is Alice)’ on all platforms. The months haven’t done a thing to age the track, which acts as a vehicle for some god-worthy vocals following a perfectly crafted chorus.

“I’ma do things that no-one can” she purrs… and I can’t help but believe her. Indisputably one of our absolute favourites of 2018, with mega-bangers ‘Hourglass’ and ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ amongst our favourite picks of the year, it’s a fantastic reminder of what might yet be to come from her in 2019. Keep your eyes on Alice.

4.5/5 STARS


“Look what you made me do: I’m with somebody new.”

Sam Smith doesn’t exactly treat his fans to bangers, often settling for a good old MOR ballad. Of course, that’s ignoring his brilliant past features on dance hits like ‘Latch’ and ‘Promises’. Fortunately, this is a little bit of that approach with the similarly glorious ‘Love Lies’ by Khalid and, similarly, Normani.

Easily our breakout star from the Fifth Harmony girls, everything Normani has touched so far has exuded such a unique and composed class – this is absolutely no exception. A delicate and slinky mid-tempo that intricately balances Sam Smith’s vocals with Normani’s own, it’s a real defining moment for both artists that also manages to carve out exciting new lanes for the two. If there’s any more like this, count us on the edge of our seats.

4.5/5 STARS


“So I’m gonna jump, I’m gonna push myself until I get hospitalized”

Broods came back swinging with the delightful ‘Peach’ last year – a literally firework of perfectly crafted pop with hooks that dug deep upon first listen. ‘Hospitalized’ is the quirky and infinitely cooler little sister; the one that trudges right through the middle of your conversation and draws every inch of attention.

The erratic production working in perfect contrast with the frankly ludicrously entertaining lyrics. Depicting the struggle of wanting your concerns and feelings to be recognised so badly that you’ll drive yourself to the edge of insanity to get it, it’s a brilliant moment of openness that really sets them aside from their peers. With barely a month left for their next album, Don’t Feed the Pop Monster, it’s hard not to feel at the peak of excitement right now!

4.5/5 STARS


“Fuck up, stuck and I don’t seem to wanna get out
Yeah, you got me like that. Baby I’m craving you.”

Take a quick look at ISA’s Spotify page and you’ll see she has released quite a handful of songs in the past few years, each one taking her sound in some new and different direction. Last year she struck gold with the infectiously complicated dedication to self-love, ‘Perfect’, before releasing a striking and completely left-of-field Iggy Azalea trap/rap single immediately after.

Often this lack of consistency is frustrating because the quality suffers… but ‘Craving’ is, for the most part, such a contagious and relentless release of energy that I find it absolutely undeniable. Coupled with the short but flashy dance video she put out with it, and I’m craving more just like this.



“I remember, I don’t want perfect – I want you.”

Betty Who has been pop’s worst kept secret for some time now, constantly serving us with palatable and consistent bops. At this point, it’s comforting knowing that I’m going to have a Betty Who single to enjoy without having to worry… and this is no different.

A hint of Krista Siegfried with a whispery Imogen Heap-esque vocal, it’s a glorious serving of classical Eurovision-lite pop. In fact, I’m already willing to bet this turns out to be better than the official English submission to Eurovision this year.

3.5/5 STARS


“You left me out in the rain like I was nothin’”

Elohim was a favourite new discovery for us last year, with her sensational sophomore album in our personal top five with its sweeping production and the divine ‘Half Love’ at its glorious peak.

Elohim’s recent signing with Skrillex has influenced her output dramatically, and both singles she has released since have been co-produced between herself and Skrillex. Where ‘Connect’ reflected back on the sophomore, ‘Buckets’ disregards it all for a raging Hadouken!-like haze of pounding synths and harsh vocals. Beneath it all is the curious enigma of Elohim, and our excitement for her constantly adapting sound.


All in all, another fantastic week with a huge variety to choose from – with even more on our dedicated Spotify playlist found below:

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